Arnaud Le Texier – Hybrid Destination – Chronicle Records [cat.# EVENT0013]

Coming out early September.

Recovering from the gray decay of the winter here in Berlin, we are more than ready to push forward farther into the future. In order to do so the powers
at Chronicle have aligned a new musical o ering to test the palate of those who know, and those who care. We are pleased to present six tracks from the proli c Arnaud le Texier, who has made waves for years with his Children of Tomorrow imprint and renowned taste. From cosmic interludes to heavy hitting transcendence, Arnaud manages to showcase all sides of his production skills as they translate into a compelling and emotive narrative. Among them stands a tribute to one who was lost along the way that we simply do not want to forget. Only rarely in this life do we stand witness to gures that make a true impression, an imprint that continues to leave a mark long after the original has passed. Max_M was one of these gures, and it is through his music and immensely digni ed curatorial prowess that his legacy will live on. Arnaud’s poignant tribute stands as a personal note amongst an EP full of forceful techno suitable for deep space exploration.

Text by: Nathan Levenson


Side A:

A1. Chronic

A2. Interlude From Mars

A3. Hybrid Destination

Side B:

B1. Thymine

B1. Tribute To Max_M

B2. Lewena

All tracks mastered and cut by: Dietrich Schoenemann @ Complete Mastering


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